What is Print At Home?

  • How Do I Print Tickets?
  • Will This Ticket Be Accepted?
  • How Many Times Can I Download and Print Tickets for the Same Seats?
  • What is the Cutoff Time for Printing My Tickets?
  • What if My Print At Home Ticket was Lost or Stolen?
  • What if a Print At Home Ticket was Reported Lost or Stolen then Scanned at the Admission Gates?
  • What the Ticket I Printed is Unreadable or Blurry?
  • What If I am Unable to Print My Tickets?
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  • What are the Benefits of Printing My Tickets?
  • What If The Tickets Do Not Appear After I input My Authetication Code?
  • What If I Didn't Receive My Print At Home Email?

How Do I Print Tickets?

  • Your tickets will be available to you in an email with a link after your payment is accepted.
  • In that email you can click 'Get Tickets' or copy/paste the URL into a web browser to visit the Print @ Home website.
  • Listed will be the terms and conditions for Print @ Home tickets.
  • There will be a box to input an authentication code. This code is located in your email sent fromChicagolandSpeedway.com Then click 'OK' to proceed.
  • You can view your tickets in the browser window. (Tickets can be printed immediately or you may return at a later date to print them.
  • All you need is a printer (most inkjet or laser printers are able to print tickets.)
  • At the event, your tickets will be scanned at the entrance gates and you'll be admitted.

Will Ticket Be Accepted

  • Yes. The ticket that comes out of your printer is a valid, legitimate ticket. Make sure you keep it in a safe place as you would cash and protect it just like you would any other ticket. If any copies are made of your ticket only the first scan of the barcode will be allowed entry. If more than one copy were to arrive, the barcode scanner will alert the attendant that the ticket has already been scanned.

How many times can I download and print tickets for the same seats?

  • You may reprint your tickets using this link as often as you wish, and there is no charge for doing so.
  • Each ticket has a unique barcode that will be scanned when you enter a gate. Once that ticket is scanned at the gate, any other copies with that barcode will no longer be valid.

What is the Cutoff Time for Ticket Printing?

  • There is not a time that your tickets must be printed by just be sure to have them ready for the race.

What if Lost or stolen?


  • Call 888.629.7223 or email customerservice@racetickets.com to have the original barcode made invalid.
  • Your Print At Home email will be resent with a new Authentication code for your ticket containing a new barcode.


  • If your ticket has been lost report it immediately to the ticket office.
  • The ticket office will reissue a ticket for the event and depending on the venue fees may apply for this service.

What if Lost or stolen then scanned

  • The ticket would scan as invalid and the person in possession of the ticket would be refused entry.

Unreadable Blurry

  • The Print At Home option will allow you to print as many times as you need. Please set your printer to its highest quality setting.

Unable to print

  • Call 888.629.7223 or email customerservice@racetickets.com and we will prepare your tickets for shipment or will call.
  • This will void your authentication code so you will no longer be able to print your tickets at home.


  • Your ticket is good for the date the race is held.
  • The barcode will be rescanned at gate entry.

Benefits of Printing at home

  • You receive your tickets right away. No will call lines or mail delivery to wait for.
  • You can print them at your convenience.
  • You can forward the link to others attending the event so they can print their own tickets.

Tickets No Appear

  • Be sure you have shut off your pop up blocker.
  • Print At Home tickets are not supported by AOL browsers. Please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to display your tickets.
  • If you are still unable to print please call 1-866-989-Race for assistance.
  • If you are trying to print at work or on a military base and you are unable to view your tickets, try to print at a different location because you might be behind a firewall.

Never Received Email

  • Be sure that your print at home email was not blocked by your spam blocker.
  • Add customerservice@racetickets.com to your safe senders list.
  • If you still did not receive your email, please call 1-866-989-Race for assistance.