Quotes from press conference with stars from "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"

Will Ferrell and the cast of the upcoming movie "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" took time to meet with members of the media at Chicagoland Speedway on Sunday. While co-stars Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb and John C. Reilly took their seats on stage, Ferrell headed for the podium.

"My name's Will Ferrell. This is John C. Reilly. Leslie Bibb. Michael Clarke Duncan. This is the cast of Talladega Nights. We'll just take care of some business before we start. I will not be driving in the race today. Someone's clapping. Yeah, turns out my steroids test came out positive. I have been blood testing also, and I've been using Preparation-H on my face...that really cheap face lift you can do. NASCAR shut me down. Thanks [NASCAR President] Mike Helton. So we'll open up the floor to questions. Anything. Anything you want to ask. Should I start? John, you're a Chicagoland native. What does it feel like to be here?"

Reilly: "It's really exciting. I was born and raised on the South Side. Look at NASCAR all grown up...in a big northern city, how 'bout that?"

Question: Will, what are your thoughts on Talladega Nights bringing NASCAR more into the mainstream?

Ferrell: "Well it's already pretty much in the mainstream, but I think it will definitely increase its audience we hope, and open up the sport, as well as provide a funny movie for people that don't know that much about racing."

Question: How big of NASCAR fans were each of you before and after the movie?

Bibb: "I went to the Daytona 500 race when I was probably seven. My mom had her picture taken with Richard Petty and she decided then she looked like him, because she had just got a perm. I thought he was, like, a movie star. And then I didn't go to anymore NASCAR races. But now, I have to tell you, there is something very exciting about NASCAR men who know how to fix them and, in that garage, and I got slightly, um, turned on. And I'm definitely into it in a big way."

Clarke Duncan: "I was definitely not a NASCAR fan at all because I didn't see too many African Americans out there, and once I did the movie, I was the only African America again. But after I went to Pit Crew School though, that's what kind of changed my mind. To see what these guys go through, and see what Will and John went through in Pit Crew School...they got their time down to like 18 seconds at one point, which was really good for some really lazy Hollywood actors like us. We don't do much physical stuff, but I'm a big fan now and I can't wait for the race today."

Reilly: "Well I'm a NASCAR veteran, movie-wise. I did a movie call "Days of Thunder" 15 years ago. Ever heard of it? People are asking if this movie is going to put NASCAR on the map, well, that's a little bit of an insult to "Days of Thunder." But anyway, yeah, this sport has grown exponentially since then and, I have to say, we had so much money on "Days of Thunder" that we recreated almost everything...all the races and everything. So, on this movie, we actually shot at the real races and got to interact with drivers and the pit crews and the real fans out there in the infield. So yeah, I am a much bigger fan as a result of doing this movie. I actually got to drive a race car thanks to the Richard Petty Driving Experience."

Question: How weird is it to have your own souvenir trailer here at the race? To see your face on everything?

Ferrell: It's not that weird because I have one of those in front of my house. It's not race related. It's just me with items from my house. I generate most of my income from the trailer I have in front of my house and various items I pick up on the freeway."

Question: Who would win in a race, Ricky Bobby or Cole Trickle?

Ferrell: "Ooh, he threw it down. I mean, no, I got to say Ricky Bobby. Numb

er one all the way."

Reilly: "I was on Cole Trickle's pit crew. No offense to Cole, but this man right here because he’s got the shake-and-bake combination."

Ferrell: "Cole didn't have the bake to the shake."

Question: Will, what are your thoughts on having Dale Jr. and Jamie McMurray being in the movie? Ferrell: "We were excited and happy to get anyone. And there were a number of drivers and, in the course of filming, it turned out to be those two guys. Junior is kind of the biggest face for the sport in a way, so it was a cool to get him. So we were happy they wanted to be a part of it."

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