Being able to handle the high speeds and with hopes of the racing grooves opening up, Derrike Cope and the #49 Advil Ford team head to the 1.5-mile Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill., this week for Saturday?s Tropicana Twister 300, NASCAR Busch Series race.

?There is definitely a trick to it,? Cope laughed about the fast track. ?You have to go in there with a lot of horsepower and a good-handling car. If you are down on motor, it?s going to be a long day. If you are not handling, you are going to be reaching for the Advil after you pop the wall. It?s a place that requires a lot from the car all day long.?

The speed and sensation of speed really comes into play, especially with the less-experienced drivers in the NASCAR Busch Series. Ironically, that comes into play more, Cope says, than at Daytona, the faster track where the series ran last week.

?Because you are turning more and because the laps go by quicker on a shorter track, the sensation of speed is greater at Chicago than, say, Daytona,? he said. ?Things happen quickly at Daytona because all of the cars are on top of each other anyway. Things happen quickly at Chicago because you come up on them a lot faster. At Daytona, if someone spins in the first turn and you are in the fourth turn, your biggest worry is the guy behind you slowing down and not hitting you in the rear end and turning you around. At Chicago, if some guy spins in the first turn, you?re going to be up there at him within a few seconds.

?Daytona is a case of guard your rear end. Chicago is a case of guard your front end,? he added.

Horsepower should not be a major problem for the Advil Ford team this week.

?We?ve had good motors all season,? Cope said. ?The engine guys really work hard, and they have come up with some pretty good engine combinations. Taking those engines and making them work well with our chassis is important to getting around Chicago. It?s important getting around any race track anywhere, for that matter.

?Keep in mind that the definition of a ?huge difference? isn?t the same in NASCAR as it is in the real world,? he continued. ?In the real world, five minutes can be a long time. In the NASCAR world, a tenth of a second is a long time. Even then, the definition comes down to which side of the time you are on. Five minutes getting a root canal is forever, but five minutes playing golf or having fun is no time at all. A tenth of a second behind somebody in NASCAR is forever; a tenth of a second in front of somebody is no time at all.?

Cope, a native of Spanaway, Wash., is a two-time NASCAR Nextel Cup race winner. A top athlete whose professional baseball career was cut short by a knee injury in college, he has become one of the top athletes in NASCAR racing, and has become one of the top public spokesmen for the sport.

Jay Robinson Racing, in its fourth season of operation, is one of the fastest-growing teams in NASCAR. Robinson, a Charlotte, N.C., native who is a successful businessman, founded the team as a high-value endeavor that offers high-end equipment and efforts, while proving to be one of the most cost-efficient teams in the sport. Robinson fields two sponsored cars fulltime on the Busch Series: the #49 Advil Ford and the #39 Yahoo! Ford, and runs a third car in many Busch Series events.

Click here for information about the July 9-11 NASCAR weekend at Chicagoland Speedway.

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