The following statement is from Matthew Alexander, vice president and general manager of Chicagoland Speedway, about today?s announcement from NASCAR about the new NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series point system.

Click here for information about the new NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series points system.

NASCAR NEXTEL Points System - 'Did You Know'
NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series ?Chase for the Championship? ? FAQ's

?Obviously, there has been a lot of discussion generated from the rumors and now the official news that NASCAR is adjusting their point system for the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series.

Anytime change is made, especially a significant change to a sport that millions of people are dedicated to, predominately people?s first natural reaction will be one of skepticism.

However, from an objective standpoint, the system has great potential to increase the competition and excitement for NASCAR. For instance, Chicagoland Speedway?s July 11 Tropicana 400 will be nine races from the start of the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup ?Chase for the Championship," which will in turn make teams on the cusp of making the ?Chase? to be more aggressive to try and gain valuable points to earn a spot in the coveted ?NASCAR Top 10?. Conversely, it will force the teams in the ?NASCAR Top 10? to continue with an aggressive approach to maintain their potential ?Chase? status. The end result of the new point system is that the importance of scoring points at Chicagoland Speedway will increase and therefore the significance and excitement of the race will increase.

I?m confident with the continual maturation of our track and the new NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series point system, the race fans of Chicagoland Speedway will once again walk away from the 2004 season thrilled with their racing experience.?

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