Don't miss out on Cruise Night Thursday, September 4 (7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.), in Joliet's downtown City Center for a high performance mobile racing simulator using REAL IRL IndyCar Series cars that allow fans to compete against each other and their favorite drivers on real IndyCar Series Tracks. Indy Racing Kids offers a wide variety of excitement for youth and the young kids at heart, and the Indy Racing Pit Stop Challenge offers racing fans a hands on experience at servicing a REAL IndyCar Series race car.

Indy Racing Challenge
Heart pounding, piston pumping adrenaline as you thunder down legendary tracks in a real IndyCarTM Series car. It's the most awesome race simulator ever built. Jumbo TV screens show the race in progress so everyone gets in on the action. What's more, a non-stop Emcee delivers start-to-finish coverage over a built-in PA. It's just like being in the Grandstand in record time.

Indy Racing Kids
Rev up the fun! Composed of a variety of fun, Indy Racing Kids hands-on exhibits entice kids of all ages to participate and have fun with racing. Peddle an Indy-style car around your own kid size track. Race slot cars. Try your hand at the new Xbox IRL video game by Codemasters. Design your own car and helmet in the work shop coloring area. Explore an oversize IndyCar engine. Or, try your hand at the inflatable pit stop challenge. Fun and stimulating, Indy Racing Kids will leave everyone, young and young at heart, who participates with a thirst for the action.

Indy Racing Pit Stop Challenge
It's easy to watch it being done on TV, but just how good will YOU be at changing a tire in 4 seconds flat? The Indy Pit Stop Challenge allows fans to test their skill at changing tires and re-fueling a real IndyCar using real pit stop equipment, all while racing against the clock. A Pit Wall area allows competitors to practice prior to the clock starting, but how confident do you feel?

Click here for more information about the September 5-7 ARCA/IRL weekend.

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