The True Value IROC team concluded a second day of initial testing at Chicagoland Speedway. The series will contest round three of the four-race all-star championship at Chicagoland Speedway on Saturday, July 13 before the NASCAR Busch Series Tropicana Twister 300. The team came directly from California Speedway where just last Saturday, 2001 Tropicana 400 Winner Kevin Harvick took the checkered flag for his first True Value IROC race.

The team made only a few adjustments to the California chassis setup to start off with at Chicagoland Speedway. Overall the team is very happy with what was accomplished during the two-day test. The goal was to get a baseline chassis setup to work with in the upcoming Goodyear tire test next week.

True Value IROC President Jay Signore said, "We accomplished that and more. This puts us ahead of the game and will make the Goodyear tire test much more productive. With this test under our belt, we can focus totally on what the tire is doing and not have to be concerned about learning the racetrack for ourselves. Coming from California, we were in the ballpark right off the trailer, which helped move things along quicker. We're coming away from this test with options that we know will work to tune the car under different conditions. Coming to a new race track for the first time presents you with an array of new challenges, which is always exciting."

Coming from the 2.0-mile California Speedway with 14 degrees of banking to the 1.5-mile Chicagoland Speedway with 18 degrees of banking, other considerations come into play including engine tuning, specifically with the carburetor. "We changed the transfer slot restrictor and jetting on the Demon carburetors to enhance throttle response and drivability due to the difference in track configuration and atmospheric conditions here in Joliet," said engine builder Walt Smolinski."

The most significant change came on Thursday morning when the team switched to a different tire combination. Rapping up the two-day test session, veteran series test driver, Dave Marcis said, "I just wish it was a little hotter to better simulate race conditions. I think the tire we began with was a little too soft. After speaking with the Goodyear engineers yesterday and telling them what we found, they made a new recommendation for today and put a lot of effort into getting those tires to us. I think what we have now will be a great tire for this race. The car is real comfortable to drive. I can go out and do a 60-lap run and not vary much more then three-tenths over any segment of the entire 60 laps, which speaks a lot for how good the car feels and how well the tire is performing. I think it's going to be a great race for us, it's a fun track to drive."

Jay Signore concluded, "We're really looking forward to our race here at Chicagoland Speedway. It's really a different track then anything we've been on with the True Value IROC series and should prove to be an interesting challenge for all the drivers. With the Speedway being as new as it is, nobody has the advantage of knowing the track real well, and, nobody has ever raced here in an IROC car."

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